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Still Water Tattoo understands that getting a tattoo is a process.  Please read below for our most frequently asked questions.  If we didn't cover your specific question, please feel free to contact us through our contact form.  
How does pricing work? 

The short answer: it depends.  If you're looking to do something small to medium in size, we can provide an idea of price range once we have reviewed what you would like to do.  In order to do that, email us a photo with the approximate size dimensions, location on your body and whether or not you want the design “as-is” or if you’d like to have a more personal and custom touch put on it.  If that’s the case, we’d recommend coming in for a no-cost consultation to further discuss the images and themes of your tattoo.

Since large-scale work is a big commitment for you and your tattoo artist, we go by an hourly rate ($150 - $250 plus hst depending on the artist) and book up to 6 to 10+ half-day to full day sessions in advance. depending on the amount of work that your large-scale piece requires.  other than the deposit, we only charge you for whatever work you get on the day of your appointment. 

Do I need to bring a deposit?

Yes.  A minimum $100 non-refundable deposit is required to book your appointments.  For larger scale and more custom work the deposit can be $250-400 depending on how many total hours your tattoo will require.  The deposit is collected at the time of your no-cost consultation and acts as a retainer for you to be able to reserve your appointments and is deducted from the final price or final session of your completed tattoo. 


If you are from out of town and would like to book an appointment, we accept deposits via Interac Email Money Transfer.

To review our deposit policy please click here. 

Do you take walk-ins?

We are currently taking walk in tattoos  Tues-Sat from 12:30-6pm. You can also  email us ahead to check in for availability and send over your ideas and reference materials.

What methods of payment do you take?

We accept cash, e-transfers, debit and credit cards. 

Do your artists accept tips?

Tips are always appreciated, but never expected.  If you wish to leave a tip of any amount as a compliment to the quality of service you received, that is entirely up to you.  We are grateful that you value our work enough to seek it out and wear it on you with pride.  Recommendations and Reviews are always a great compliment and help our small family run business immensely.

For an on-going tattoo, how soon can I book my next session?

You can come back in to continue work on your on-going tattoo as soon as you’re healed.  In our experience, that means in about 2 weeks.  You can space out your sessions every two or three weeks, but we ask that clients commit to sitting a minimum of once a month.  Completing larger tattoos in a consistent and timely manner is the best for you and your artist.   

Does your studio do small tattoos as well?

Yes, absolutely!  We love all styles of tattoo, large or small, custom or classic, meaningful or just for fun!  

How difficult is the aftercare process or getting a tattoo?

It’s actually very easy!  Please click here to view our aftercare instructions. Email us or call us if you'd like to purchase our recommended aftercare product, better butter care.

How old do I have to be?

You must be 18 years or older with valid ID.  

What can I do to ensure that my consultation process goes well?

Come to your no-cost consultation with some photos for inspiration, but understand that unless you are adamant about having the tattoo done exactly as it is depicted in your photos, that the artist is going to want to take some creative liberties to make it look great for you.  Trust your artist’s judgement in the creative process as the experience they have can guide you towards making a tattoo you could be proud to wear for your lifetime.

What can I do to ensure that my tattoo goes well?

This is a great question.  Come well rested having had a nice meal before your appointment time.  Due to Covid regulations, we require that clients bring and wear a mask. if you do not have a mask, we can provide you with one for a fee.  We encourage people to bring snacks and beverages to stay hydrated and fuelled during the session.  If you want to bring earbuds in to listen to your own music on your phone or mp3 player, that’s totally fine.  Your artist will not be offended.  People usually prefer to dress comfortably. 

I’m Vegetarian/Vegan, do you have products that cater to my ethics?

HELL YEAH!  We got you!  We consider ourselves an inclusive, sustainable, and cruelty-free studio, so we always try our best to utilize products that reflect that.  Kindly let our staff know so that we can make sure we’ve got our bases covered effectively for your visit to our studio. 

Is your studio wheel-chair accessible?

Unfortunately our studio is not wheelchair accessible and we are truly sorry that this is the case.  If you find our work is something you would like for yourself, but cannot access us, please feel free to email us with a request.  We can arrange to accommodate you in a downtown Toronto studio that is wheel-chair accessible if that is more convenient for you. 

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